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i didn’t ask to be this much in love with a fictional character but there he is and here i am

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why are filler episodes even a thing

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Color Palette: Dean x Castiel, inspired by: x

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“Damn it, Dean.”

He thinks of the resigned way Cas said it. You can tell they’ve known each other a long time now. Cas just expects Dean to fuck up and disappoint him. He’s got a solid grasp on the routine, at least.

Dean twists his beer bottle around, rolling the cold glass against his palm until the label’s soaked through with condensation and wrinkling off the glass. He wonders if he should peel the label off, the way he did for the whiskey and the first few beers. There’s a host of naked bottles on the kitchen table. They’re standing next to their wilted labels, which are piled up like dirty laundry. It’s harder to see the edges of the label on the bottle in his hands. There’s no more daylight filtering through the high windows—not that there was ever much, the grass is so damn tall outside the bunker—and he hasn’t bothered to get up and turn on the lights.

Dean focuses on the words. Damn it, Dean. Definitely two separate words for damn it. Cas is still a little too uptight to say dammit.

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get to know me meme: [5/5] male characters
dean winchester — supernatural

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❝ The highlight is the way this scene evokes Dean’s experiences in Hell. Dean’s always had a very special relationship to torture: since Hell, where torturing others threatened his own humanity, his talent for causing pain has been one of his most bitter secrets. Deep down, he has a capacity to hurt and to take pleasure in pain, and it’s a darkness he’s forever fighting in himself. And this scene – well, it serves as a reminder that the Mark of Cain isn’t so much turning Dean evil as letting out a darkness that Hell awoke in him and that he’s never been able to put away since. The fourth season brushed aside the inevitable trauma Hell had to have caused, but this time Dean’s potential for evil is turning into a damn good storyline, and all I can say is finally. ❞

Review of ‘Meta Fiction’ from DenofGeek

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lmao. the sad thing is…at this point in the show, all I really want is for dean and cas to have a CONVERSATION. 

I don’t want a clipped exchange of words. 

I don’t want a short phone conversation.

I don’t want cas confronting dean about the mark only to have dean leave .5 seconds later.

I want dean and cas. sitting together. TALKING. for like several minutes. a whole scene.



they can AFFORD to write in one scene with dean and cas having a HEART TO HEART CONVERSATION.

k that’s it.

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